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Virat Kohli wants to celebrate “Valentine’s Day” with Anushka Sharma.

It seems that Virat Kohli and Anushka have not broken up yet because Virat is still in love with her. He still wants to talk with her. He wants to clear all misunderstandings which have created between them. He wants to patch-up between them very soon.

According to the source, Virat wants to celebrate “Valentine’s Day” with his lady love, so he is trying to get her back.

This break-up happened between them due to Anushka’s denial to Virat’s marriage proposal. They were not talking with each other since last month. Even they unfollowed each other on their instagram accounts.

Now Virat wants to win her back. So, he has sent a message to her via their common friend. Though she has not rejected his message, she has clarified that she is busy in shooting of “Sultan.” She is not talking any negative about their relationship yet. According to the source, there is a hope of their patch-up.

Let’s see!

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