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The Top Five Highest Paid Female Superstars in Bollywood

In the Male-Dominated  film industry ,there are such top actresses who are getting  their  rights to earn high salary for their hardworking and talent for their film. Though their movies are women-oriented ,they are making big on the box office like any other male superstar.

Here ,We are mentioning about those female superstars who are known as the  most highest paid superstars in the Bollywood.

1. Katrina Kaif (12 Cr.)

Katrina Kaif is the highest paid female superstar in the Bollywood. She is earning not only from big budget movies but also from reputed brands endorsements. According to a leading newspaper, she earns 1.5 crore each day.

Katrina Kaif_22462 Katrina Kaif_22694

                                                  Katrina Kaif_23307Katrina Kaif_22907

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