Sultan (2016) Movie ReviewMovie Review 

Sultan (2016) Movie Review

Sultan (2016) Movie Review 1
Producer: Aditya Chopra

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Story/Script/Dialogues: Ali Abbas Zafar

Cast: Salman Khan, Anushkha Sharma, Randeep Hooda, Amit Sadh, Kumud Mishra, Anant Sharma

Music: Vishal Shekhar

Rating: (3.5/5)



Sultan Ali Khan (Salman Khan) lives in Haryana, falls over Arfa (Anushka Sharma). Arfa is a wrestler who wants to win the gold medal for wrestling in the Olympics. Sultan tries to woo her. He wishes to become a wrestler like her. He becomes an Olympics champion like her. But after marriage, there happens an incident in Sultan-Arfa’s life, because of which Arfa gets separated from him. Sultan gets heartbroken. After some years, he participates in the Mixed Marshal Arts International tournament to get back his reputation in the wrestling as well as his love. Will he get them back? Will he win that tournament? To know answers, you have to watch “Sultan! “

Critic’s Conclusion– The movie is not entirely based on Wrestling. It has filled with love and emotion quotient too. Love and wrestling are two parts of the movie. Some people will disappoint about this development. But the director has directed this story sensitively. You will see layers of human behavior in it. It will be endearing to see that, how Sultan balances his emotions regarding his personal life as well as his career.

The Sultan’s journey to become the wrestling champion has shown amazing. It feels unbelievable somewhere. But Salman makes this track convincing. On the other hand, Sultan-Arfa’s love story has woven beautifully. We can connect with their characters. We become so emotional by watching their separation!

The movie’s first half has a pace, but after the interval, it lost its gripping. But despite having predictable, the climax has become watchable due to Salman’s presence. The movie has a social message related to “Girl Child in India. “ Salman and Anushka’s characters have established well. We don’t get tensed in such serious scenes because they are filled with a bit of humor. Though the script has such flaws, it is a pure masala entertainer of Salman Khan! Talking about performances, Salman has emerged as an actor now. He does emotional scenes well. He has taken a lot of effort on his physique for this role and this is so evident in the movie! He acts as a Sultan, Not as Salman Khan in the movie. His fans will get a nice surprise from him, for sure! Generally, there is no scope for the female lead in Salman Khan Movies but Ansuhka Sharma has the got equal role in Sultan as a female wrestler. Though she was not looking like a wrestler, she has managed decently in action scenes. She is perfect in emotional scenes in the movie. Randeep Hooda makes his presence felt even in the small role. Amit Sadh and Kumud Mishra are exceptional. Special mention to Anant Sharma, he acts beautifully as a Sultan’ best friend Govind. The Rest of the cast is ok.

Salman Khan’s movies are known for the good music, but Sultan disappoints you regarding this factor.

Only 1-2 Songs (Jag Ghoomeya, Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hain) are hummable. Artur Zurawaski’s cinematography has captured wrestling and Marshal Arts scenes with different angles. These scenes are looking real. Also, he shows Haryana aesthetically. Larnell Stovall’s action choreography is watchable.

The movie is a three hours long, which could be chopped by a half hour for crispiness. Dialogues have solid punches.

Overall, Sultan is a perfect Eid Treat for Salman’s fans, Watch it!

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