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Salman Khan’s New Girlfriend Lulia Vantur

Salman Khan New gf Iulia vantur
Lulia Vanture and Salman Khan

On the occasion of Arpita’s wedding Salman Khan introduced his Romania friend and alleged lady love “Lulia Vanture” to his family as his girlfriend.

She is not a Bollywood Flim Actress, rather she is  Lulia Vanture from Romania..

It is reported that,with each other were both in the wedding..Lulina did not leave him for a moment

Though it is also true,What a lot of that in the case of Salman But his love story never reached the end.. Some time ago, Salman’s  name was linked with Dezi shah. then it linked with Jacqueline Fernandez also..

But Salman did not introduce any of them to his family memberssomething has happened in the case of Lulina which has not revealed yet  , So ,there is the chance to break the hearts of Salman’s female fans.


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