Rocky Handsome (2016) Movie ReviewMovie Review 

Rocky Handsome (2016) Movie Review

Rocky Handsome (2016) Movie Review 1
Producers: Sunil Kheterpal, John Abraham

Director: Nishikant Kamat

Script: Ritesh Shah

Cast: John Abraham, Shruti Hassan, Baby Diya Chalwad, Nishikant Kamat, Sharad Kelkar, Nathalia Kaur, Kazu Patrick Tang

Music:  Sunny Bawra, Inder Bawra, Ankit Tiwari

Action Directors: Suniel Rodrigues, Kecha Kammpakdee.

Rating: (2/5)


Kabir Ahlawat aka Rocky (John Abraham) lives in Goa and runs a Pawn Shop. Neighbors call him “Handsome.” He has a tragic background.  He always remains silent. He has a special bonding with a 7-year- old girl Naomi (Baby Diya Chalwad) who is his neighbor. At one day, Naomi gets kidnapped by some goons. Kabir gets angry and he follows those goons to save Naomi.  He fights with drugs-mafias and human organs sellers in this journey. Will he save Naomi? What is Kabir’s tragic past? To know answers, you have to watch “Rocky Handsome!”

Critic’s Conclusion- The movie is an official remake of the Korean Movie “The Man From Nowhere.” The story is simple yet weak. The script is predictable and not so gripping as well. The entire movie focuses on the action.  There can’t see any thrill in Kabir’s journey to finding Naomi. Kabir does everything easily in the movie.

Talking about action scenes, they have made amazing and stunning. What’s more, the action scenes are watchable in the climax. But these action scenes are not for the faint-hearted people. So, such people can avoid this movie. The Action sequences are included with various aspects in this movie such as physical action, guns, knives, and so on and these sequences are never witnessed before in Bollywood.
Though the action is praiseworthy in the movie, the script could not help to raise the bar of the movie. It lacks emotions. Therefore, the movie looks as lifeless.  There are several clichés in the script. The emotional bonding between Kabir and Naomi can’t connect with the audience.

Talking about performances, John is perfect in action scenes. He has done easily those scenes.  He looks really “Handsome” in the chiseled body. However, his expressionless face is the big failure of the movie. He could show some emotions in such scenes. Shruti Hassan gives “short and sweet” appearance in the movie. Baby Diya Chalwad is ok in her performance, but she has over-matured dialogues which can’t suit
her age.  Sharad Kelkar’s performance looks like he comes from the set of his serial “Agent Raghav.”

Nishikant Kamat has done the decent job as a villain in the movie.

The music is average. Kudos to action directors Suniel Rodrigues and Kecha Kammpakdee for the hardcore action!  Shankar Raman’s cinematography is different and excellent.

In short, “Rocky Handsome” is only for action lovers!

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