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Ranbir-Katrina were seen ignored each other after their breakup!

As you know, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have broken up recently. After their break-up, they were seen attending Auto Expo 2016 in Greater Noida Wednesday. But they had attended the event separately.

Actually, it was their managers’ decisions that both celebrities’ attending time should not clash with each other at the event. So Ranbir and Katrina reached that event to promote their own auto brands in that event, but separately!

It was Ranbir who arrived first at 11 a.m. in that event and he promoted Honda Motocorp. After staying there for about an hour, he left then.

When Katrina learned that Ranbir left from the event, she arrived there. She promoted Jaguar XE at that event.

It was the interesting thing that the ex-couple were seen in matching colors’ outfits in this event.

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