Pari- Not a Fairytale (2018) Movie ReviewMovie Review 

Pari- Not a Fairytale (2018) Movie Review

Producer:  Anushka Sharma, Karnesh Sharma, Prernaa Arora, Manoj Mittra

Director:  Prosit Roy

Cast:  Anushka Sharma, Parambrata Chatterjee, Rajat Kapoor, Ritabhari Chakraborty

Music:  Anupam Roy

Genre:  Horror

Rating: 2.5/5

Pari- Not a Fairytale (2018) Story:

This story happens in the dark forest of Kolkata. On a rainy night, returning home with the family, something strange happens to Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee) on the road. After this incident, Arnab meets Rukhsana (Anushka Sharma) for the first time. Rukhsana has a scar on her hands and feet. Arnab feels sympathy for her. He sends Rukhsana to her house, which is in the dark forest. Professor Hassim Ali (Rajat Kapoor), who goes to search for Rukhsana, comes to her house. She runs away from there. The other day, scared Rukhsana reaches Arnab’s house. In Arnab’s house, she feels safe. He also cares about her. Ali, who searches for Rukhsana, finally arrives at Arnab’s office. He says something about Rukhsana, which scares Arnab.  Who is Pari?  Who is Rukhsana? Human or Witch? To know it, you have to watch Pari!

Plus Points:

It is the first movie of Prosit Roy as the director. The initial 20 minutes of the film moves very slow.  But the different plot and Anushka’s performance are the best things to watch this movie.

The use of VFX is another good side of the movie.  The Cinematography is commendable and gives justice to the story.

Pari has created a thrill through horror, emotions, and mystery. The atmosphere in the movie has been made so well.

In the first half, Rukhsana scares too much in initial scenes.  Some scenes will chill down your spines.  Maybe, you will not sleep alone for a few nights after watching the movie.

On the technical front, the movie is excellent.  Background Music, Sound Designing, Music, Action scenes, and Makeup, all are brilliant.

The movie is engaging in the first half. You will intrigue in the suspense and the characters in the movie.  The movie will able to bind you to some extent.

Anushka Sharma is fantastic in her role.  She has created awe in the movie.  She carries the entire movie on her shoulders.  Parambrata Chatterjee complements her acting with his best efforts.  He never let feel that he is acting. Rajat Kapoor is also amazing; however, his character looks confusing.  Ritabhari Chakraborty feels her presence.

Minus Points:

Though the story is different, it fails due to the weak script. The director has made the good atmosphere in the movie, but there are shortcomings in the script.

There are many questions in the movie, which don’t get answers.   How suddenly does Rukhsana become so powerful?  There is a lot of chaos in Arnab’s house, but nobody knows about it.   In spite of Rukhsana’s scary ghost activities, Arnab has so much faith in her.  He doesn’t fear her, why?

The story is based on the popular folklore in which, ifrits (evil spirits) made women pregnant so that their population increased. This whole track is very confusing and it has not been properly explained.

The climax is predictable and confusing. The drawbacks of the film emerge rapidly in the end when the story is attempting to reconcile, whereas the film started in an interesting manner.

The editing could be crisper.

There are more blood, gore, and violence in the movie. Some scenes will disturb you.  Remember, this horror movie is not for weak-hearted viewers.

Is This Movie Worth to Watch?

If you are a fan of spine-chilling, gore horror movies, watch it.  But faint-hearted should stay away from ‘Pari!’

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