Neerja Movie ReviewMovie Review 

Neerja (2016) Movie Review

Neerja Movie Review
Producers: Atul Kasbeker, Shanti Sivaram Maini

Director: Ram Madhvani

Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, Yogendra Tikku, Shekhar Ravjiani, Jim Sarbh

Music: Vishal Khurana

Rating: (4/5)



It is a story of The Brave young Indian girl Neerja Bhanot who is a flight purser of Pan AM 73. On 5
September 1986, the flight has been hijacked by Palestinians terrorists of the Abu Nidal Group. The story is revolved about how does Neerja save lives of 379 passengers by sacrificing her life in those difficult circumstances in the flight. To see her courage and bravery, you have to watch “Neerja”!

First we should appreciate filmmakers who bring this inspirational story on the screen. Director Ram Madhvani has made this movie engaging as well as emotional. The movie grips you till the climax. The film looks realistic. Even you will feel that you are in that flight. That Hijack scene is terrible and has been shot very well.  The script makes viewers glued their seat from start to end throughout the movie. Ram portrays Neerja’s life successfully on the screen.

The movie keeps you interested from 15-20 minutes from its beginning. These minutes show Neerja’s life each and every fact perfectly such as Her family, Her love life, Her dark past, Her fandom towards the Bollywood’s superstar Rajesh Khanna, Her fear, Her courage etc. You will love Neerja’s character for sure!

There is not easy to shoot 3/4th part of the movie in the aircraft, which could become boring for viewers. But Ram Madhvani’s brilliant direction and the gripping script make the movie watchable. You will live those incidents with fear as you pretend that you are in that actual flight. You will share those passengers’ stress with you. Neerja’ family’ condition during that situation looks convincing in the movie. The climax will leave you teary eyed for sure.

Talking about performances, Playing Neerja’s character is the best performance of Sonam Kapoor in her entire career. She lives Neerja. She shows fear by her eyes. Even she shows her brilliance in those scenes where she deals with terrorists strongly. Shabana Azmi is another splendid performer as Rama Bhanot, Mother of Neerja. Especially her speech in the climax will get you emotional. Yogendra Tikku is also impressive as Neerja’s father. Shekhar Ravjiani has done the decent job. The special mention to Jim Sarbh who played the terrorist named as Khalil as he looks realistic in that character.

There are small flaws in the movie which can be ignored. The music is soulful. Lyrics are commendable. The other elements of the movie such as Editing, Cinematography, Dialogues, Art Direction, and Background music are superb. The director has made the good movie which inspires you a lot!

To salute our brave young Indian girl, Watch Neerja!

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