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Nargis Fakhri to quit Bollywood

Nargis Fakhri entered in Bollywood by Ranbir Kapoor Starrer “Rockstar” (2011).Everybody was talking about her beauty. Then she did become the talk of the town by her movie choices. Even now she is shining for her upcoming movies such as “Azhar”, Housefull 3, “Banjo”, and “Dishoom”. She is being in the golden phase of her career. Though this is shocking that Nargis wants to quit Bollywood!

Recently, Nargis told to the leading newspaper that she will take a long break and go to her homeland. She said, “Nowadays, I’m feeling very lonely constantly. My heart feels some kind of pressure. So I will not accept any new project from next year unless I will get tension free.”

She further stated, “The first important thing is that I don’t know Hindi Very Well. Neither I have any support or my relatives here. I’m a model so my agency is always behind me. But their goal is always to make more money. My friend circle is not here. Even I want to make friends; they feel that If I fall in love with them. I’m getting bored now. I need a long break badly.”

So after releasing her movies, she will go to her mother and not work in Bollywood for a few months.

She will visit her friends. Now she wants to do traveling only. Also, she would like to make her own travel show in the future.

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