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Kabali (2016) Movie Review

Kabali (2016) Movie Review1
Producer: Kalaipuli S.Thanu

Director: Pa.Ranjith

Cast: Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte, Dhansika, Winston Chao

Music: Santosh Narayanan

Rating: (3/5)



Kabali (Rajinikanth) is a gangster living in Malaysia. He fights for the rights of Indians living in Malaysia. He becomes a gangster from the labor leader. He is against drug trafficking and  rostitution. His rival gang “Gang 43” kills his pregnant wife Kumudhavalli (Radhika Apte). Kabali gets 25 years’ jail. After releasing from the jail, he takes revenge from “Gang 43”. He realizes that his wife is alive and he has a daughter named as Yogi (Dhansika). Will he meet his wife and daughter? To know the answer, you have to watch Kabali!

Critic’s Conclusion- Well, It is a typical “Rajinikanth South Indian Movie” which will be adored by the superstar’s die-hard fans. There is nothing new in the story and execution. Kabali is a good gangster, he hates drug trafficking and prostitution, he becomes the gangster due to bad circumstances, etc. all is a typical filmy stuff in the movie.
You can watch this movie by putting your brain aside. The film shows such childish and illogical scenes (It is expected from Rajinikanth movies!). There are many loopholes in the script. Why does not Kabali’s wife try to meet him in 25 years? The police appear only at the beginning and the climax of the movie. There is too much violence in the movie. The direction is not impressive. The first half is better. But after

the second half, the film loses its grip. It becomes too slow somewhere. The movie focuses more on the “family melodrama” than the original story. The audience will get confused to see too much flashback scenes. The gangster drama could be meatier. The issue of the injustice to Indians living in Malaysia is just for the reference in the movie. There is not any connection with this issue to the original story.

Even it is an ordinary revenge drama, Rajinikanth fans will be happier to see their God on the screen! His stylish performance is worth watching. He is still energetic in action scenes; however, he looks unfit in close-up shots. Radhika Aapte has also done a commendable job. Winston Chao is amazing as a villain. Dhansika has given justice to her minimal role.

The music is good. The cinematography is beautiful. The editing could be also nice as the movie is too lengthy!

Overall, Kabali is a “Must Watch” for Rajinikanth fans!

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