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It is confirmed, “ Raees ” and “ Sultan ” will release on the same day.

The buzz is that filmmakers of “ Raees ” and “Sultan” are disturbed due to the same release date of both movies. However, none of the parties is not willing to deal with this date. It is said that Ritesh Sidhwani has been blamed for the clash of these two movies.

It is said that Ritesh Sidhwani who is a producer of “Raees” was met “Sultan’s producer Aditya Chopra before declaring the release date of the former. He wants to know about the exact release date of the latter from Aditya. Aditya said him that he had decided to announce the release date after the court decision about Salman Khan’s “Hit and Run Case.”

Even Ritesh promised to him that he will wait for the verdict of the case. But later he denied about the promise and announced the release date of his movie on the social media account. After this announcement, Aditya decided to release his movie along with “Raees.”

So, Aditya will release “Sultan” on “Eid” now. Also, Ritesh is saying that he had announced “Raees” first; therefore, he would not change the release date of it.

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