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I –Hindi Version Movie Review

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I –Hindi Version (2015)

Director: Shankar

Casting: Vikram, Amy Jackson, Upen Patel, Santhanam, Suresh Gopi, Ramkumar Ganesan

Music: A.R.Rahman

Cinematography: P.C.Shreeram

Rating: (3/5)

Story -Lingesan  (Vikram ) is a  bodybuilder who lives in a small town of Tamil Nadu. His dream is to win “Mr. India “Title.

Also, he loves Supermodel Diya(Amy Jackson ). Diya gets annoyed  with a male supermodel John’s(Upen Patel)  misbehavior.

She suggests  Lingesan’s name as a new model to work with her for the new product’s commercial. So , Company breaks contract with John and makes new contract with Lingesan. Lingesan’s Luck changes overnight as he gets makeover, he becomes Supermodel Lee.

Later, Diya falls in love with him. Because of Lee’s popularity and fame, he makes many enemies from bodybuilding and modeling industry. Along with John, there are many enemies who are jealous over Lee. They come together and plan to destroy  bodybuilder turned supermodel’s life forever. They  inject a virus into Lee’s body because of that  he turns into an “Ugly Hunchbacked man “.

Later ,How Lee takes revenge from his enemies in his ugly avatar ,it is the rest of the story.

Well, it is an old love-revenge drama which is packed with hardcore actions, beautiful cinematography, wonderful use of technology, unbelievable makeup .You will watch those things on the screen which you have not watched in the normal Bollywood or regional movie ever. Shankar’s brilliancy shows in every frame of the movie.

Graphics ,Visual effects are the best assets of I ,but the watchable parts of this film are Computer Generated shots which made by “CG Works “ an International Company. Most wonderful parts of this movies are ,BMX Bike Fight Scenes. Also, it is interesting to watch that how the protagonist changes in to an hunchbacked man.

Another noticeable specialty of I is a P.C.Shreeram‘s Cinematography. Be it China’s locations, or actions stunts, he captures them very beautifully. Shankar is known for his creative ideas for his movies, I is also proving it very  well.

You should give standing ovation to Vikram. He does mind-blowing acting in his four avatars –bodybuilder ,supermodel , Hunchbacked man and Beast .He has taken a lot of effort to suit in those four avatars. He looks different in each avatar. Amy Jackson is ok, Upen Patel is disappointed.

Santhanam does the good job as a friend of Lingesan .Rest of the cast gives justice to their roles.

There are major errors in  this film  which can divert attention of the audience from this movie. The First error is its length (3hrs 8minutes ! ) .Also ,you have to bear loud background music and unlimited violence. This film uses the flashback technology ,but because of it ,you will confuse sometime for what is actually going on in this movie .You can’t  realize reasons for such scenes  at the beginning of the movie.

There are some illogical, pointless scenes in such places.The other error is its weak screenplay. Director could bring something different in this old story .I lacks of interesting turn and twists.

 A.R.Rahman‘s music is unimpressive, but such songs are watchable due to their unbelievable and beautiful picturization and choreography for example Tum Todo na, Tu Chale, Issak Tari etc.

Though, there are some bugs in this film, it is a one –time watch .Watch it for Vikram’s wonderful performance!

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