Ghayal Once Again (2016) Movie Review 1Movie Review 

Ghayal Once Again (2016) Movie Review

Ghayal Once Again (2016) Movie Review
Producer: Dharmendra

Director: Sunny Deol

Cast: Sunny Deol, Om Puri, Soha Ali Khan, Shivam Patil, Anchal Munjal, Rishabh Arora, Daina Khan, Narendra Jha

Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Rating: (2/5)



The movie starts from where its prequel was ended. Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol) releases from the imprisonment.  After the release, He runs the News Agency “Satyakaam” by which he helps people to fight against injustice and corruption. The four teenagers, who witness a murder, seek help from him. Ajay helps them to fight against their enemy Raj Bansal (Narendra Jha) who is a powerful businessman. Will he achieve this goal? Will his and those teenagers’ fight become successful against Corrupt Raj Bansal? To watch his and teenagers’ battle for the truth, you have to watch “ Ghayal Once Again. ”

“ Ghayal Once Again ” is a sequel of “Ghayal” (1990) which was a box office super hit at that time. The story is not bad, but the script is looking outdated. There are such elements from 90’s which are outdated in today’s time and those elements are visible in the movie. The beginning of the movie is nostalgic as it shows the flashback from the prequel.  The fans of “Ghayal” will be happy to see the flashback.

There are many flaws in the script. Why will any “rape survival” girl suicide in today’s time? There is a chasing scene happens in the mall which has dragged too much. Those four teens get beaten by Bansal’s goons and nobody tries to saves them instead watching it, it is unbelievable! Joe D’Souza (Om Puri) who is shown as Ajay’s friend, he calls Ajay as “Beta” (Son)!

The villain is nothing does instead shouting on his men. He doesn’t like his son’s attitude. He wants to change him but doesn’t try about it. Also, the villain’s character is looking one-dimensional.

There are up downs missing in the movie which was shown in the prequel. We aren’t feeling any thrill as watching the movie which we feel during its prequel. Though Sunny’s actions are power packed, they lack energy. There does not see the exact anger in Sunny’s eyes which we saw in the prequel. Even we miss powerful and applause worthy dialogues here. Despite having Hollywood’s action coordinator, action scenes aren’t looking impressive. Even Sunny’s die-hard fans will disappoint by watching the movie.

Though Sunny has made this movie with dedication and honesty, the script goes haywire. But the car chasing scene has shot brilliantly. The first half was boring but at the interval point, it becomes interesting. Nevertheless, the second half is dragging. There is a twist in the second half. The climax scene looks unbelievable due to poor VFX work.

Talking about performances, Sunny looks average in actions scenes as well as emotional scenes. Also, Narendra Jha can’t fit as a powerful villain in front of Sunny. He overacts sometimes.  Soha Ali Khan has not more scenes in the movie. Those four teenagers are not bad.  The rest of the cast is ok.

The Music is disappointed. The editing should be crispier. Also, the cinematography is average.So, don’t be Ghayal (hurt) by watching the movie, better than sit your home and watch prequel!

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