Budhia Singh-Born To Run Movie ReviewMovie Review 

Budhia Singh-Born To Run (2016) Movie Review

Budhia Singh-Born To Run (2016) Movie Review 1
Producers: Subrat Ray, Gajraj Rao, Shubhamitra Sen

Director: Soumendra Padhi

Story/Script: Soumendra Padhi

Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, Mayur Patole, Shruti Marathe, Tilotama Shome

Music: Sidhant Mathur

Rating: (3.5/5)



Budhia (Mayur Patole) is a 5-year- old boy lives in Odisha. He is from a poor family. His mother sells him for RS.800 to a local merchant. Biranchi Das (Manoj Bajpayee) who is a Judo coach and teaches to the young orphaned children rescues Budhia. Biranchi discovers Budhia’s talent. Because of him, Budhia becomes a “World’s youngest marathon runner.” Biranchi wants that Budhia should run and win at the Olympics. But the government and committee members of the Child Welfare Board stop his  dream. Finally, The Government puts a ban on Budhia’s running.

Critic’s Conclusion- The director presents this biopic very beautifully and in an understandable manner. The story is heart touching and inspiring. The script is engaging and tight. He shows that how Budhia has become an international runner by his hard work and willpower. He becomes successful in executing an emotional tale of Budhia Singh and his coach Biranchi Das. The film depicts the poverty of Odisha very well. It tells that how politicians and organizations have spoiled the talent of a young boy. The audience provokes to think that if that wouldn’t happen, Budhia would be at the Olympics 2016. Director Somendra Padhi has selected the perfect time of Rio Olympic 2016 to release this movie.

The first half introduces the characters of Budhia and Biranchi Das, while the second half tells the Rise and down of that boy and his coach. The movie is directed like a suspense thriller. We are curious to know that what will happen next in the movie.

The story is not only about Budhia but also about the proud of a teacher on his student. It shows that how talented players of our country overshadowed by politics and corruption. Talking about performances, Mayur Patole who plays Budhia is a natural actor. He shows innocence as well as the determination by his acting. As a coach of Budhia Singh, Manoj Bajpayee delivers the intense performance. The casting for Budhia and Biranchi Das is perfect. The actors’ student-teacher bonding is looking cute. The marvelous job has done by Shruti Marathe and Tilotama Shome. The rest of the cast helps to take the movie forward.

The brilliant job has done by the editing as well as the cinematography department. There are not too many songs in the movie which is a good thing for the movie. The narrative runs fast and smoothly without the disturbance of songs.

Overall, it is an inspirational as well as an emotional tale of “World’s youngest marathon runner.” It deserves to watch by every Indian!

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