Befikre (2016) Movie ReviewMovie Review 

Befikre (2016) Movie Review

Befikre (2016) Movie Review 1

Producer:  Aditya Chopra

Director:  Aditya Chopra

Cast: Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor

Music: Vishal-Shekhar

Cinematography:  Kaname Onoyama

Rating: (2.5/5)

Story- This story happens in Paris. Dharam (Ranveer Singh) is a Delhi Boy. Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) is an Indian girl but considers herself French. They meet in Paris; they get intimate with each other. They decide to stay together with one condition that they will not love each other. They have break-up after a year. However, they remain friends. But at some point, they realize love for each other. They don’t accept this feeling.  Will they accept this truth? Will they share their real feeling with each other? What will happen with their carefree aka ‘Befikre’ relationship? To know answers, you have to watch ‘Befikre!’

Critic’s conclusion- Aditya Chopra has come back as a director after 8 years with Befikre. He tells today’s young generation’s love story in a lighter manner. He takes on today’s youth’s openness towards love and sex. He shows that how youngsters are facing issues regarding relationships. They want to be carefree regarding their relationships. ‘No strings attached’ are their mantra.  After having breakups, they easily move on in their lives. However, this mentality is missing in the movie.

The first half is breezy, filled with fun moments. You will enjoy the movie till the interval as the lead pair not only makes you laugh but entertains you. However, the second half has lost somewhere.  Though the director has taken the modern approach towards love till the first half, he goes in a traditional way in the second half.  This is a disappointing thing in the movie. The climax is predictable

The story is nothing new.  We have seen similar stories regarding love, sex, and friendship in Hindi movies.  Also, the script is weak.  Shyra’s character has changed in the second half.  She is a confident, practical girl in the first half. She believes in ‘No strings attached’ relationship. But in the second half, she suddenly transforms into an Indian girl, who thinks about Indian values.  It’s strange!  Also, Ranveer’s character has shown as a confused boy.

The movie pretends as a bold attempt towards love, but at the end, it becomes a typical Yashraj movie! Such scenes are inspired by Hollywood movies.  Even the director has taken some ingredients   from his own previous movie-DDLJ in such scenes.

Talking about performances, Ranveer Singh is a life of the movie. His energy, his funny as well as carefree attitude, and his performance has made the movie as an entertaining fun ride. He makes you laugh, he doesn’t take everything seriously. His character is lovable.  Vaani Kapoor is looking confident. Her dance moves are amazing. But she has to work hard on her acting. The rest of the cast helps to carry the movie forward.

The dialogues are funny.  The Cinematography captures an arresting view of Paris.  The editing is crispy. The music is foot-tapping. ‘Nashe Si’, Labon Ka Karobaar, ‘Ude Dil Befikre’ have already become top on the chartbuster.  The Background music helps the narrative.

Overall, Befikre is a youthful one-time watch movie!

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